Romanian OCR Federation joins World OCR!

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World OCR is pleased to announce the admission of OCR Romania, Federația de Sporturi cu Obstacole din România as a Member Federation representing Romania, effective as of June 28, 2024.

OCR Romania is now recognized by World OCR as the official Governing Body for the sport of OCR, Para-OCR, and all its virtual variants within its country. World OCR will extend its full support to the organization in its endeavors to gain recognition from the National Sporting authorities.

Effective from the date of admission, OCR Romania, as the affiliated member organization, will serve as the primary point of contact for all inquiries or communications within Romania related to the sport of OCR. This protocol reinforces the Romanian Federation’s position as the unequivocal authority for the developing sport of OCR in its country, thereby enhancing its ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with existing and emerging sports clubs or associations committed to the sport’s growth.

A clear and structured communication policy, spanning regional, national, and international levels, will ensure a unified and systematic approach to the sport’s development and governance across the nation. This policy also precludes the possibility of any new entities circumventing the established World OCR member when engaging with the officially registered International Governing Body for the sport, World OCR.

We welcome all national sports associations or federations that want to work towards the development and recognition of OCR as a standalone sport within their country. However, once a national sports association or federation successfully passes the evaluation period for affiliation – and it becomes validated – all inquiries receive from another application for membership will be redirected to the recognized member from within that country.

For more information about World OCR and our membership process, please contact us directly.

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