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[WOCRF] Official communication

Opening Statement

We are pleased to announce the establishment of World OCR, the newly founded World Governing Body for the standalone sport of OCR has been finalized. Effective March 3rd, 2024, World OCR will serve as a authoritative regulatory body guiding the development and representation of a distinct version of obstacle sports: Obstacle Course [Running].

The creation of World OCR was prompted by the longstanding struggle for recognition faced by the sport of OCR. Despite its rapid growth and passionate amateur-sports community, OCR lacked an actual authoritative regulatory body to represent its interests, and the interest of its member organizations. Drawing inspiration from the success of Teqball, World OCR was established under the guidance of the legal advisory team behind FIVT, one of the five TeqSports of FITEQ. Their expertise and commitment have paved the way for OCR’s independent future as a standalone sport.

Legal seat and representation

Headquartered in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne, World OCR will be legally represented by NEXUS Advocats, one of Switzerland’s top law firms specializing in Sports Law. This partnership ensures proper legal proceedings for the advancement of the governance of the sport. Nicolas F. Krauer, who also holds an executive function within FIVT, will serve as the legal representative of World OCR in Switzerland, and will oversee all legal affairs for the organization.

Statement from the President
of the newly founded organization:

“With the announced dissolution of the Federation Internationale de Sports d’Obstacle (FISO) due to it’s scheduled merger with the UIPM (Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne), the sport of OCR as we know it, would have disappeared. While we salute the inclusion of the Obstacle discipline within Modern Pentathlon, we remain steadfast in our belief that OCR has it’s own story to write. Sometimes, progress requires us to take a step back in order to move forward.”


Raul Fodor

Contact us:
For more information please contact the media relations team: contact [at] wocr.org
Rue Centrale, Nr.29, Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland | 1003

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