Martin Parr appointed as Head Technical Official!

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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Martin Parr as the Head Technical Official of World OCR, the Fédération Mondiale de Course à Obstacles. His appointment, based on the decision of the World OCR Board (D025-2024-06-06), marks a significant step forward for our organization and the sport of OCR.

Mr. Parr brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this role. As the co-founder of the first outsourced program for the training of officials for the sport of OCR (Global OCR Officials, also known as GOCRO), he has been instrumental in setting standards and training officials worldwide. His previous role as the International Project Manager for Spartan HQ in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa has provided him with deep insights into both the commercial and federated sectors of the sport.

Raul Fodor, the President of World OCR, stated in relation to Mr. Parr’s appointment:

“We are glad to have Martin as an addition to the team. We trust that his prior experience and contact with the sport will make the advancement of the sport and the training of the World OCR Technical Officials a much easier and more professional task. We will already be working with Martin for the first edition of the OCR World Cup in Baden, Austria, from the 17th of August, 2024, and I can promise you this: Once World OCR TO’s achieve recognition for a certain level, they will be paid, and they will not regress.

His appointment aligns with our commitment to professionalize and standardize OCR globally. We are confident that his role will enhance the development of technical officials and contribute significantly to the sport’s growth and recognition.”

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