World OCR signs strategic partnership with NEXUS Advocats

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World OCR, the newly established standalone World Governing Body for the sport of OCR, is pleased to announce a partnership with the legal advisory team that has played a key role in the recognition of the FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DE VOLLEYBALL DE TABLE (ITVF/TEQVOLY), one of the the 5 TEQSPORTS, of FITEQ.

Nicolas F. Krauer, recognized for his involvement in recent formation of the (ITVF/TEQVOLY), has been appointed as the official representative of World OCR in Switzerland.

We are proud to be collaborating with one of the top law firms from Switzerland. We are confident that NEXUS’s guidance and sports expertise will contribute significantly to the actual advancement and recognition of OCR as a standalone sports discipline worldwide.

His extensive experience in sports governance and sports law makes him well-suited to represent World OCR’s interests effectively in Switzerland.

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