Austria and Spain under evaluation for World OCR Membership

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World OCR, the only Worldwide Sports Governing Body for OCR, is pleased to announce that Austria has submitted its affiliation documents for evaluation. Successfully passing the pre-evaluation phase, Austria emerges as the trailblazing nation in pursuit of membership with our organization.

The submitted documents from Austria, will undergo thorough review within the next 30 days, in accordance with the internal established procedures. This comprehensive evaluation process ensures that all aspects of the organization’s structure, legal status, and activities are aligned with World OCR’s values and objectives.

In addition to Austria, World OCR has also received an affiliation request for membership from Spain. This demonstrates the growing interest and engagement of OCR organizations from around the world in becoming part of the World OCR global sports development framework.

We welcome all national sports associations or federations that want to work towards the development and recognition of OCR as a standalone sport within their country. However, once a national sports association or federation successfully passes the evaluation period for affiliation – and it becomes validated – we cannot receive another application for membership for that specific country.

For more information about World OCR and our membership process, please contact us directly.

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