First OCR World Cup announced!

[Official Communication]

Event Details Event Name: 2024 OCR World Cup, 1st Edition.
Location: Baden, Austria
Date: 17th August 2024
Sanctioned by: World OCR, the first legally registered World Governing Body for the sport of OCR.

About the sport:
OCR is a sport that involves running and overcoming obstacles. Highlight the sport’s rapid global growth and its appeal due to the combination of physical endurance and mental resilience.

About the location:
Baden is located in Lower Austria, 33 kilometers from Vienna. It is renowned for its scenic beauty, nestled at the mouth of the picturesque Helenenthal Valley in the Viennese Forest. Baden is famous for its healing water springs, a reputation that dates back to ancient Roman times and continued through the Middle Ages when noble families frequented the area.

Event structure: World Cup events are meticulously organized to provide a competitive yet inclusive environment for all participants. Each event adheres to the highest standards set by World OCR, ensuring a fair and challenging competition across all categories. Participants can look forward to a well-structured race experience with clear guidelines and ample support throughout the course.

The event will take place at the historic harness racing track, renowned for its wooden stands architecture. This racecourse, built in 1892, adds a unique and historic charm to the event.

Natural and cultural attractions in Baden:
Stunning natural scenery with lush parks and green spaces. Rich cultural life with concerts and theatrical events. Quiet, elegant streets perfect for leisurely strolls and admiring the elegant architecture. Thermal baths for relaxation and therapy.

Easy access from Vienna via regular trains and buses. The compact size of Baden makes it ideal for exploring on foot or by bike, with public transport available for longer distances.

Cuisine and shopping:
A variety of cafes and restaurants offering traditional European and international cuisine. Charming shopping experiences with a large market and numerous shops in the pedestrian zone.

For accommodation options, please visit the Tourismus Baden website.

About World OCR:
World OCR is the first legally registered World Governing Body for the sport of OCR. Established to ensure the official recognition, governance, and integrity of OCR competitions worldwide, World OCR stands as the authoritative entity for the sport, differentiating itself as the properly registered governing body amidst other existing organizations that only promote the sport of OCR.

Legal Seat, and establishment:
March 2024 – Rue Centrale, Nr.29, Lausanne, Switzerland (1003).

To ensure the proper development and governance of the sport of OCR worldwide.

Role in the event:
World OCR’s sanctioning ensures that the OCR World Cup aligns with international standards for the sport.

The OCR World Cup from Baden will feature:
– A Standard 3 Km Track for Elite and Age Group waves, and
– A 5 Km Open race format.

Information and registration

Open to all Athletes: The 2024 OCR World Cup is an inclusive event, that welcomes athletes of all levels. Whether you are an Elite [Pro] competitor, an Age Group participant, or an amateur athlete looking to challenge yourself in the 5k Open Race, this event offers a unique opportunity to compete and showcase your skills on a ranked international stage.

Registration: To register for the 2024 OCR World Cup, please visit the event organizer’s website at Here, you will find detailed information on race categories, entry fees, and the registration process.

Join us in Baden, Austria, on 17th August 2024, for the first edition of the OCR World Cup. Be a part of history and experience the thrill of obstacle course running in a stunning and historic setting.

We welcome all national sports associations or federations that want to work towards the development and recognition of OCR as a standalone sport within their country. However, once a national sports association or federation successfully passes the evaluation period for affiliation – and it becomes validated – all inquiries receive from another application for membership will be redirected to the recognized member from within that country.

For more information about World OCR and our membership process, please contact us directly.

Contact us:
For more information please contact the media relations team: contact [at]
Rue Centrale, Nr.29, Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland | 1003

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